Welcome to MyMEC

Welcome to myMEC

You and your family’s health and wellness are important.

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) health plans help with prevention and early detection of medical conditions are key to achieving good outcomes.

MyMEC gives you access to a wide range of screenings and wellness visits to keep you healthy.

All MyMEC plans give you:

Coverage for all preventive care services

such as cancer screenings and routine vaccinations

Broad provider network

with thousands of doctors at convenient locations near you

Select pharmacy benefits

for preventive generic maintenance medications

ACA-compliant health plan

covering 64 essential services regardless of pre-existing conditions

If you have a MyMEC Enhanced or MyMEC Premier plan, you have access to additional medical benefits.

Find a Provider

Participating in your plan

Do you have questions about what’s covered under your plan?

Just call the number on the front of your card and you’ll be connected to a knowledgeable customer service rep.